Our company has been active since 2009, beginning with laying the foundation of a new

industrial complex factories for fish processing. The factory building of ​​446,2 meters area has been working since 2010. Today, our factory is the only existing fish processing enterprise in Montenegro. According to the Constitution of Montenegro is "environmentally friendly state," with major national parks and nature reserves of international importance (under the protection of UNESCO, RAMSAR). Factory is located in the immediate vicinity of the National Montenegro "Skadar Lake" park. Located in the place where in ancient times was the medieval South Slavic principality «Zeta».



The factory is equipped with modern technological equipment for the production of

quality of fish products, can produce up to 10 tons per month. All manufacturing and warehouse factory equipped with technical features the necessary climatic equipment. Quality of products comply to the highest standards, which is confirmed by the certification of production according to international standard HACCP. Packaging equipment ensures maximum preservation safety of the finished product and the aroma of smoked fish. The factory has its own car specialized Refrigerated Freezer with cooling. The property has large factory land and the opportunity to expand production.


Our production

The factory produces a wide range of products including fish preserves in oil, hot and cold smoked fish and frozen fish. The main pride of the factory, is a «Marinirovani Krap», whose technology was developed by our factory on the basis of the old Montenegrin recipes. All products are manufactured from high quality primary products, considerable portion caught in clean waters of the Natural Park "Skadar Lake". We are present in many restaurants and major grocery stores Montenegro. The factory sells products in Serbia and prepares access to the EU market.




In addition, we are rapidly growing company and our exclusive range of production

is unparalleled in the local food market.