Montenegrin fish delicacy

Smoked Carp with  oil

Montenegrin delicacy - prepared according to ancient traditional recipe, made of Carp caught in The Skadar Lake. This eco-friendly product that will satisfy the taste of the most refined gourmet.

Quality of products comply to the highest standards, which is confirmed by the certification of production according to international standard HACCP. Packaging equipment ensures maximum preservation safety of the finished product and the aroma of smoked fish.

From the crystal clear Skadar Lake comes our crucian carp fish delicacy. We use an exclusive recipe for the traditional Montenegrin cuisine without additives and preservatives. It has dietary properties and has a delicate taste.

About the ZetaFish

This delicious delicacy is prepared from natural products according to an exclusive recipe of Montenegrin cuisine exclusively. It Has a gentle and unique taste.

An exclusive product of trout cooked on the traditional Montenegrin recipe with white wine and spices.

Smoked Trout with oil

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Smoked Crucian  Carp with oil

Smoked mackerel with oil